Mural raises concern at board meeting


The broadcasting program is due to return to the Delta College curriculum starting in Fall 2001, has caused concerns expressed at the March 6, Board of Trustees meeting.

There is a mural that currently occupies where the broadcasting studio is located in Shima. This is a mural that worked on by students and completed after two years. Part of the mural is painted directly on the wall. oter parts were done on pieces of plywood.

Student Government expressed her concern that the mural not be altered and included that the student government had funded this project. the student government president also stated, “we want to do this as calmly as possible,” using an example of an incident that occured in another school campus where students took over a school board meeting opposing an issue. Edward Gould, Delta College President and Superintendent, expressed his intent not to destroy the mural.

The board vice president, Greg McCreary in his ending comments of the March 6, meeting expressed his disappointment to the conduct with which the board members acted. McCreary read to the conflict of interest, and personal conduct.

“I am not happy with this conduct,” said McCreary.

Dan Parises spoke in defense of the boards conduct, however.

The Academic Senate Presented awards to the students of the month for library services. Dr. Wong was not available to present the awards herself. As a result, Roger Waller presented the awards the each student.

The students who one awards were: Jewel Fay Abraham, Margret Bayne, Harold W Bell, Nicholas Gordon Cambra, Charles Kenneth Horst, Auddie Lavonna Robbins, Heather J. Swendal, Carol L. Thomas, and Scott Nicholson Thomas.