The agony & the ecstacy


There are serious concerns as to what will happen to mural in the student activities center, better known as the Shima Corral. The mural, which was painted entirely by Delta students, could soon be destroyed to make way for a new broadcasting program in the Corral.

Mario Moreno, artinstructor, started teaching five years ago at Delta, when there was no art gallery. So Moreno and Spanish instructor Robert Vallejo embarked on a mission and succeeded in getting an art gallery in Shima.

Moreno is the Movimiento Estudiatil Chicanos de Aztlan (MEChA) adviser, which meets at noon on Thursdays in the Shima Corral, which had concrete floors, mortar walls and old lights. They decided to make Shima a home for all students, Moreno said.

Moreno started the mural project two years ago, when he brought the idea to the ASBG (Associated Student Body Government). The students needed more then a simple place in a corner. They needed to convert the corral into a place to be proud of. With the mural completed, the corral is a place to come for clubs and serves as a hub for social activities, Moreno said.

“Students designed and painted the mural from beginning to the end. No administrators or faculty members painted one single stroke,” according to Moreno.

Eric Affleck, advanced art student, was involved with the mural since spring 1999 until its completion in spring 20000. He painted the Lady of Justice. ìI did not give hours of work and a couple of weekends to have the mural taken down,î said Affleck.

Lou Bakalian, advanced art student, did sketches in the beginning.

“Lots of hours were dedicated by all the art students. Many hours were spent painting, including past midnight. The students time was completely volunteer,” said Bakalian. ìThe mural has brought beauty to the campus, including a better understanding and appreciation for art.î

“The mural is an inspiration not only for the art students that come here, but for all students and faculty to enjoy,” stated Abel Medina, advanced art student.

“Medina was also one of the star painters,î according to Moreno. He painted the fire scene and the sky background. He came in on his own in the summer to paint the mural nonstop. ìThe students volunteered their time and resources, which was an extra curricular activity,” according to Moreno.

“When it comes to the artist, they had put a lot of heart and love into the mural. They feel the pain when they hear about the possible destruction of their artwork. It was to the artist, a gift for all students at Delta College now and in the future,” said Moreno. Michael Kerns, director of Outreach and Enrollment Services was told there were discussions to move the Television Studios to Shima Corral.

“We are currently working on plans to move the Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) Locke 107, Student Activities Danner 101 and Shima Corral will be located in Shima Lounge. These entities will take up the entire lounge. There is some construction that needs to take place, but appears to be very minimal,” according to Kerns.

When asked if Budd Lounge, Cunningham Lounge and Locke Lounge with handle the overflow of students from the former Shima Lounge, Kerns stated they are adequate.

Moreno has a background for murals in Barrios, which are a notorious setting for neglect and county indifference. With art, Barrios were converted into areas that the community can be proud of, Moreno said.