Construction continues on contemporary Cunningham replacement


Construction continues on campus with work on the 70,000-square-foot Cunningham replacement building ongoing and several other projects planned to start.

The Cunningham project began in early 2010 and is scheduled for completion in spring of 2012. The three-story structure is intended to replace the current Cunningham building, which opened in June 1973, according to campus history.

The new building is intended to replace the current building with new classrooms and state-of-the-art science laboratories.
Demolition of the current building is slated for 40 years after the original opened, in spring 2013.

Maria Baker, Director of Facilities Planning and Management, said a landscaped area is planned for the location, allowing for a larger quad for student use.
There are other projects that the demolition of Cunningham necessitates, as well.

“We are having to modify the exterior sculpture lab at Shima,” said Baker.  “We are also remodeling the second floor of Danner to accommodate a couple of departments that are displaced because of the Cunningham demolition.”

photo credit: Chris Michelsen

Students have mixed feelings on the projects, however.

“It seems pointless to build a new building when they’re not fully using the old one,” said Jason Larkin, 18.
Justin Tristano, 22, doesn’t think too much of the plan to expand the quad. “I think it’s stupid,” he explained. “It is nice that we’re getting some new facilities, though.”

Finishing work is also currently being done on the new athletics field, with a ticket booth for gate collections and traffic flow to be installed by the end of spring this year.
All of these projects are being funded by Measure L, a $250 million bond measure passed by voters in March 2004.

Projects completed as part of the bond include the Goleman Library renovation, the DeRicco Student Services Building and the current infrastructure of Delta College’s South Campus at Mountain House.
A list of all Measure L projects can be found at