New rules go into effect for food sales and catering on campus


The Food Services Department, led by its manager Fidel Cabuena, has made many changes in an attempt to bring itself out of the red.

A few changes were welcome but the suggested changes to AP 3560, the rules governing catering and food sales on campus, met with stiff opposition.

On Jan. 18 those changes were finalized.

Clubs on campus are now required to sell food that is sold by Delta’s Food Services Dept. at the same price.

The biggest change though is AP 3560, Section 1: “The District’s Food Services Department has primary catering rights on all District properties…Food Services will provide catering to District departments/groups and outside groups granted the use of campus facilities…”

Simply put, any catered event on campus must be catered by Food Services unless its manager gives you permission otherwise.

“It is really helping us now,” said Cabuena, when asked if the new policy is effective. “Sales have gone up by 10 percent already.”

The catering services out of Danner Hall have began to boom.

Cabuena noted that with the sudden influx of business, he is already having to re-evaluate how catering is ran to make sure quality expectations are being met.

Some other notable changes include a 15 percent discount for students who bring in their Delta school identification. There is also a new dollar menu in Danner Hall to help feed students with small budgets.