Clubs’ Night celebrates group spirit


Clubs gathered for Delta College’s Clubs’ Night, a nighttime event of fun, challenges and music. The festivities were organized by the Inter- Club Council and was held last Friday, March 4.

CLUB PRIDE: Delta Pride member Mike Dupont, top right, shows club spirit as all the clubs exited into the quad.

The event was held in Danner Hall, and was a mandatory event for all clubs to attend. Clubs compete in games and contests to earn additional funds for their club.

The Clubs’ Night Committee consisted of two members who had two weeks to plan this event. With the short notice, the previous semesters program was carried over including some games that were not played last semester. Clubs’ Night Chairperson, Nicholas Aguirre, planned an all-indoor night, due to unpredictable weather.

The night included Extreme Musical Chairs, where yoga balls replaced the chairs; Knowledge Bowl, a competition similar to the game show “Jeopardy;” Name That Tune, where teams had to guess song titles; and Freeze Dance, a dancing version of playground game “Red Light, Green Light.”

“The games were fun and the food was great,” said Maryann Sandoval, a 53-year old Delta Psi officer who attended the event.

Food was catered by San Joaquin Delta College’s Food Services, who served a pasta dinner with alternative vegetarian cuisine, various deserts, and a variety of drinks.

“I enjoyed Clubs’ Night because of the club interaction,” said Pipeline’s Diana Akbari.