Tights a fashion accessory, not pants

There are many fashion trends that can be classified as odd or even inappropriate.
Wearing tights ­-a thin, form-fitting garment- as if they were pants falls into both categories.

More and more I see women wandering about town wearing nothing but long shirts and tights.

How is that possibly appropriate attire for going out?

Women are not allowed out wearing nothing but a bra and a scarf, so why is everyone OK with a woman wearing nothing but her underpants and tights?

Tights are a fashion accessory, not an actual garment.

Tights are meant to be a fashionable way to cover your legs while wearing dresses and skirts without going with our mother’s fashion staples: sheer pantyhose and thigh-highs.

Women have apparently forgotten this fact.
The effect is terrible.

Anyone wearing tights as if they were pants looks awful.

Modern day clothes have dual-purpose: to protect us from the elements and make us look better.

How does showing every ripple and dimple on women, big or small, make us look better?
I have tried to figure out how this tidbit of knowledge could have been so easily forgotten.

I have no good answer.

The best explanation is this is just, the previous terrible fashion trend reinventing itself in a more terrible way.

The 1980s gave birth to wearing over-sized sweaters with skin-tight jeans or leggings.

The modern woman has just replaced the over-sized sweaters with flowing shirts, coupled with huge belts, to cinch the waist in an attractive way, and the leggings with tights.

How does putting a new twist on something that was terrible to begin with make fashion better?

Fashion, and possibly society as a whole, would be wise to realize that tights are not pants.

They are also not sexy and they are most certainly not appropriate to be trotting around town in by themselves.

Plus, tights aren’t practical for the cold.

The thin material doesn’t do much for protecting the body from the elements.

Consider the basic Urban Dictionary definition of tights: “they are not pants.”

So please ladies, do everyone a favor and wear real pants instead of a pair of tights.

Take my word for it, after the trend is over, your children will be happy to not find photos of you in tights.