Ongoing Bring Me a Book campaign continues to raise books, money


A campus club’s small idea has spurred a continued campus book drive that recently netted 704 books and $1,060 in monetary donations for local organizations in need.

It started in spring 2009 with the PIPELINE Club. The officers of the club wanted to find a way that could help out the community and do community service.

“We decided to bring to speaker on campus to speak on the literacy program so we invited Dr. Robert Morrow the regional manger of the bring a book foundation,” said Hatch.

In the past two years the foundation has donated children’s books to home shelters and low income pre-schools.

The Bring Me a Book Foundation has raised over $2,000 within the last two years.

So  far the foundation has collected between 1,600 to 1,700 books to be donated to the low-income program for children.

Hatch and Morrow themselves have donated over 150 books to the low-income children and shelters so far.

“The Friday before vacation, you’ve donated 715 books and $1,110,” said Hatch.

Over the last two years the students and faculty at Delta College have been so generous by helping out with book donations.

Several people on and off campus were helpful putting together a literacy inventory.

The Bring Me a Book Foundation will be accepting book donations through Friday, May 20 at San Joaquin Delta College.

You can make your checks payable to the Bring Me A Book Foundation or through campus mail.