Students, faculty respond to budget proposal survey


In the midst of financial turmoil at Delta College, the administration has reached out to faculty and students alike to gather a general consensus of what should be fixed first on campus.

Delta College sent out a campus-wide email in March that linked to an online survey. This survey asked participants to rank proposed budget ideas on which would be the easiest to implement with the most impact.

“Budget cuts are never easy,” said Patrice Burke, president of the Associated Student Body Government.

The proposals ranged from doubling the current cost per day to park, to eliminating teacher and administrative positions and building a solar energy facility to offset energy costs.

The cost of building the solar energy facility would be approximately $5 million that would be paid off in 12 years.  Once paid off though the expected savings in energy costs would be over $390,000 annually.

Another proposed budget cut would be to eliminate more classes that have low enrollment, which could save an estimated $236,900.

“The first priority is to preserve transferable classes,” said student Nick Aguirre.

According to preliminary results of faculty voting the top recommended budget cut is an retirement incentive that would make 50 teachers retire and then re-hire 25 of them. The projected  savings of this would be $2,132,800.

The second highest ranked proposal is to eliminate a vice-president position on campus, which would save Delta College an expected $190,800.

The results of student votes are not available at this time.

The parking fee increase ranked relatively low on the survey along with other proposals that would directly affect student’s wallets.

“Students have already been hit hard,” said Burke.

When asked what should be cut first, student Jimmy Altes said “The business office [on Pershing Avenue] should be cut first.”