Women of Hip Hop empower through music


“Hip hop is the love of my life – more specifically, a culture, a movement, an art form, a tool for positive change,” said Nina Rebultan, Women of Hip Hop founding member.

A few years ago, Rebultan shared the same vision with a B-Girl Temper, real name unknown, and a woman named Natalie Pohley.

As three strong women in hip hop, they were determined to see their fellow sisters shine.

Together the women used networks collectively to build a community event.

This year they are planning something a little bigger for the fall, on an as yet to be determined date.

The three are also refocusing their energy on Women Empowerment as opposed to just Women in Hip Hop.

The Hip Hop Sisters hold an important part of the event, but Women of Hip Hop hopes to empower all the women, even those that aren’t into the hip hop genre.

The event will be three days and include performances, workshops and sessions all put on by the females in our community.

Women of Hip Hop is not yet an organization, but a collective of women from several different organizations hoping to make a bigger change.

“I think it’s important for us as women to start building bridges instead of burning them. Women are stereotyped as being catty and jealous towards each other and constantly hating on one another,” said Rebultan.

“It saddens me because its attitudes like that perpetuates negativity. Let’s eradicate these stereotypes, come together and build something amazing. There is something beautiful and powerful about being a woman, we all need to realize. Who’s with me?”

For information on upcoming events visit facebook.com/nrebulta or misschief916.wordpress.com.