Artist considers music his ‘therapy’


“Music is my therapy,” said Alex Krishna, 21.

At the age of 16, Krishna picked up a pen and paper and started writing the thoughts and emotions that ran through his head.

His dream of being known as rapper “AK” was born.

“Anything I went through, whether it was a positive or negative, I put it into a song,” said Krishna.

Krishna has attended Delta College since 2008 and is transferring to San Francisco State University for the fall semester.

He began sharing his lyrics with friends who became adamant for him to begin his career.

“After my dad passed away last year, he has become my motivation to really get started,” said Krishna.

Being introduced to people with the right equipment, he finally began moving his lyrics from paper to tracks.

“I know Kobe Bryant has nothing to do with music, but his drive and how he approaches the game inspires me,” said Krishna. “No matter what’s going on, he gives 100 percent.”

Having a few tracks recorded, a friend who works for Bad Boy Records in New York, founded by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, submitted some of Krishna’s work.

The label liked it, he said.

“They contacted me and told me I was good, but they want to hear more,” said Krishna. “Just so that they know I’m not just a one and done type of artist.”

Krishna also had some tracks sent to Black Wall Street Entertainment in New York, founded by Jayceon “Game” Taylor.

“My dream is to get signed so I could make this a career, not just a hobby,” said Krishna.

When asked to choose one track that would best describe him as an artist, his song “Hero” came to mind.

Not only was this the track that was submitted to the record companies in New York, but it is also the one dedicated to his father.

“I don’t really confide in anybody,” said Krishna. “In that song you hear a lot of pain and emotion. I just want to leave a legacy for him.”

To contact Krishna and listen to some of his work, email him at