Club unites Muslims on campus


    The campus population at Delta College is served by many clubs, with interests ranging from academic to lifestyle to religious.

    The growing Muslim Students Association (MSA) is one such club offering students a place to discuss religion, while working to unite the student population.

    The main goal of the MSA is to bring together the Muslim population at Delta College, as well as working to join the Muslim and non-Muslim local community. Another goal is to promote Islam.

    “MSA members are taught in the beginning of each semester that if someone confronts them about an issue with Islam to always reply respectfully and kindly,” said Club President Jasmine Ali.

    Ali, a senior at Lodi Unified’s Middle College High School which is held on the Delta campus, called the Tuesday, April 19 meeting to order at 11 a.m. in the Shima Boardroom.

    Before the start of the meeting there was a dua’a, a short Islamic prayer. It was to help those in attendance during the weekly Halaqa, an Islamic discussion, absorb and put into practice the discussion topics.

    “As a Muslim student, I am thankful for being allowed a prayer room, Although the room could be a little closer to the center of campus, possibly in the library,” said Sana Saidfuddin.

    The club gathered to plan separate socials for men and women, the end-of-the-semester games day and to nominate new officers for the club.

    MSA has held many events on campus, from an informational table near Danner Hall where the Quran and pamphlets explaining Islam were handed out, to fund raising by doing henna body art.

    MSA has also held dinners, which are open to all, with differing Islamic guest speakers and the chance to meet Muslims from diverse cultures.

    Many know Muslims have five daily prayers and as a student it can be hard to  find a quiet location to pray.

    “I am very thankful for MSA. Through this club I have been able to meet new Muslims and able to make new friends” said Fareshta Shafaq.

    MSA offers the Muslim population places to pray each day, from a vacant classroom, to a secluded section of campus. The club has worked with the student activities office and Inter-Club Council to secure these locations.

    Ali would like the club to continue to reach out to the campus and the community as well as inform Delta College that Islam is a peaceful religion that promotes tolerance and love.

    “With education about Islam and Muslims, the world can be a place with a far-deal less animosity or hatred towards Muslims,” she said.