Editorial: Softball easily steals No. 1 ranking


Who say’s girl can’t play ball?

As one would assume to be the “most miserable” campus due to Stockton’s notorious reputation, Delta College sure has a lot to cheer about these days.

Ranked number one among California community colleges, Delta’s softball team proves that at the heart of community, sports shall conquer misery.

With a 21-0 standing in the Big 8 Conference, the Lady Mustangs finished the regular season undefeated with a 37-0 total record.

The term sweep has never felt so literal, as the team ended their home play with a double-header; two consecutive wins against Sacramento City College on April 16.

So what makes this season a stand out?

Centerfielder and first baseman Stephanie Leles is one of five returning 2010 players, who accounts much of the new team’s success to camaraderie.

“We all get along with each other and hang out…On the field we work hard together and put a lot of effort into everything we do,” said Leles.

Ending the season last year with a record of 33-10, numbers prove the Mustangs haven’t just gotten good, they’ve topped their already dominating game.

Among the roster’s 14 active players there is an even distribution of freshman and sophomore athletes, one of whom seems to be electrifying the masses.

Pitcher Katie Cotta, a sophomore, joined the team entering her second year at Delta proving that an athlete’s time may never be up for good.

With the lowest Earned Run Average (ERA) in the Big 8 Conference, as of now is set at .46 which equates to runs by percentage given up through pitching, Cotta leads with not just consistency but precision.

Winning not only by superior defensive skill, no one can ignore the fact the team puts numbers on the board. When it comes to offense the proof is undeniable with leads as much as 4-14 runs.

If you haven’t made it out to the diamond this season, well, sadly your chance is gone to see the number one team in the state.

This, however, is no time to turn your back.

Feel the spirit, show pride and support your Lady Mustangs all the way to the title.

The latest game played by the Lady Mustangs versus Consumnes River College added to the team’s winning streak and proving the Lady Mustangs are the team to beat going into upcoming championship games.

While “Forbes” magazine said we are the most miserable city in the United States, the Lady Mustangs show that not everything in Stockton is looking down.

The Collegian staff appreciates Mustangs softball and what it has done for Delta College and the community at large.

We applaud the team’s undefeated season, including the 6-0 win against Modesto Junior College on Tuesday, April 26.

And we wish the Lady Mustangs the best going into the NorCal Region Championships in May.

We are confident in the team’s continued success and the player’s ability to bring Delta College home a championship.