RTV, Pride bond over bowling

April 29, 2011 12:00 am

The thunderous crash of bowling balls and pins meeting across a hardwood lane echoed throughout Pacific Bowl as members of Delta Pride and the Radio and Television Club gathered last Thursday, April 21, to play out a friendly challenge.

Two hours and 220 frames of bowling later, both clubs settled for a draw winning one game apiece.

FRIENDLY COMPETITION: Norman Rockwell played for the RTV club. PHOTO BY DARYL BUNAO

Delta Pride member and Pacific Bowl employee Dominic Hernandez demonstrated years of experience in the first game of the day.

Hernandez helped Delta Pride establish an early lead by opening with four strikes and a spare in his first five frames. Delta RTV trailed the entire match and lost 517-611.

“It was a fun experience,” said Hernandez, who led all of the bowlers with a score of 196. “RTV’s team was outstanding even though some of them don’t bowl regularly.”

RTV Club member and station manager of Delta’s radio station Marcus McConico originally approached Delta Pride with the bowling idea. Afterwards he said “I didn’t think Pride would be that good and we’d be that bad.”

As the first game came to a close, both clubs took a break partaking in the various snacks and drinks brought to the event.


A second, 5-on-5 match followed pitting the lesser experienced club members against one another. RTV member Orlando Jose scored a 108 and led RTV to a narrow 428-406 victory.

“All in all, everyone’s having fun and I hope we can do more with this,” said McConico.

Neither club is expressing the need for an immediate rematch but McConico said that the RTV club is open for any and all challenges.