Bowling popular class choice


San Joaquin Delta College offers many different courses every semester from math to language arts and science, but there is one that stands out from the pack — bowling.

It is the sport that involves picking up a 15-pound ball, throwing it 60 feet down a wooden lane and hitting pins to score up to 300 points.

What is it about this class that makes it so popular?

“The extra unit,” said Bryan Kendall, a student in the class who has been competitively bowling for about three years and is one of the top junior bowlers at Stockton’s Pacific Bowl.

Kendall said this sport is enjoyable especially when his ball is, “going to the pocket,” a bowling term describing when a ball hits the sweet-spot between the middle pin and the one to the left or right.

Another student, Richard Wheeler, is also in the class for the extra unit. He points out that this class is not only for credit but also the enjoyment.

“It’s fun,” Wheeler said. “The fact that not everyone can do this sport repeatedly just makes it pleasurable.”

Course instructor, Gary Scott, who has taught at Delta for 30 years, agrees that the class is great for students.

“It’s different from other classes,” Scott said. “Seeing kids relaxing and having fun is always great to witness.”

Many students who are in this class have never bowled before in their lives.

“Offer this class possibly at different times or even another class,” Scott said. “That way there are more opportunities for students who want to come out and have fun.”

Pacific Bowl manager David Hepperle proposed a special singles tournament for the current bowling classes at Delta College.

“The top winners would be paid in cold, hard cash,” Scott said.

The event could happen in late May although specifics have not been finalized.

The bowling classes here at Delta College are offered at Pacific Bowl every semester, excluding summers. The class is usually held on Mondays from 3 to 5 p.m. and Tuesdays from 1 to 3 p.m.

Students earn one unit and pay an $80 lab fee.