San Joaquin Delta College removes flea market control from ASBG


An emergency Associated Student Body Government meeting held on Wednesday, Aug. 17 resulted in the removal of the government body’s authority to run the Delta College Flea Market.

The $500,000 a year operation, which has been under scrutiny since the market coordinator Robbin Gerald Sealey plead guilty to grand theft earlier this summer, will now be run by the Delta College Foundation.

ASBG was made aware of the move by Michael Kerns, the college’s vice president of student services.

“I will be transitioning the management of the flea market from the ASBG to the College Foundation,” said Kerns. “The College Foundation is the arm of the district that handles fund raising.”

The board’s reaction was negative, with ASBG President Nicholas Aguirre saying he would contact American Civil Liberties Union lawyers and the California state treasurer’s office for support.

“You are effectively removing the hand that helps students,” said Aguirre.

Micheal Kerns promised that business would continue as usual for workers and students.

“As far as students still being funded, there will be a process in place,” said Kerns.

Aguirre told those gathered the act was the administration “cutting off the head” of the student body government.

Kerns said the move was not an attack on ASBG.

When asked by the Student Representative to the Board of Trustees Donna Armstrong if the school planned to disband ASBG, Kerns simply responded “no.”

At the end of the meeting, Aguirre told Kerns he could “put Marsee on notice,” referring to new Delta College President Dr. Jeff Marsee.

The flea market has a 30 year tradition at Delta of being run by the student government. The money raised has been the governing body’s main source of funding.

This change is effective immediately.

“It feels like corporate piracy. There was no transparency. It feels disingenuous,” said Armstrong. “And students are still taking the brunt of every cut.”

  • Chris

    So Delta is not ending ASBG just stealing ALL of their funding? Well that is practically the same thing, If you go to any organization and take all of its funding away it will undoubtedly cease to exist. Of course Delta is likely to come up with some ridiculous proposal which will amount to ASBG being able to raise a pittance and still barely function off the the makeshift life support.

    I wonder, if ASBG only made $1,000 instead of $500,000 would Delta still be grasping for their money?
    But I guess this is what happens when a college is locked out of funding due to frivolous spending and general mismanagement.

  • Jamie

    I was appointed Director of Events of ASMJC, Associated Students of Modesto Junior College, although I resigned early in my term, I understand student government, and find myself passionate about “Politics” This event in my opinion is a case of unethical and moraly unjust use of authority and position by a member in office of ASBG, being the accused Robbin, who has been criminaly charged for the unlawful act of theft.
    Our bylaws state the foundation and board of … over-rule any major issues that may come about.
    I have also worked at the Ceres Flea Market and Drive In, so I have experience in this relm as well, and a flea market is a giant mercantile splendiforous, with private vendors and large numbers of public coming and going all day, an open market from and Arabian film if i may.
    ASMJC’s fundraising policy is comprehensively tight and clearly states it is against the bylaws for any one individual to gain financialy thru any fundraisers sponsored by or affiliated with ASMJC. Because we are the ASSOCIATED STUDENTS of Modesto Junior College, a government structured group of elected students who volunteer their time or are compensated with a stipend, agreed fair and managable by the student body, given positions to agree upon what the entire student body needs, and what ASMJC wants to do for itself(theStudents.
    I think the SJ Delta College foundation feels they need to get a better understanding of the magnitude of responsibility they have allowed their students to create in order to bring more money into the school. The Foundation is made up of members of the community that donate monies, businesses that support the education system in their community, I dont think ASBG knows who they are barking at, probably the Alfa Male in this situation.
    My suggestion for the members in office of ASBG, tighten up the ropes on the ship u guys are sailing, it is a privilage to have a running student government not a priority. We have to learn to work hand in hand with the TOP DOGS, they will not listen to a group of whining young adults, they want to see strength and moral in the ones that will be handed the reigns, not chaos and corruption amongst leaders.
    Best Wishes
    Jamie Hudson