ASBG barbecue turns into protest

Students signing petitions at the ASBG barbecue on Aug. 25. BRIAN RATTO/The Collegian

An Associated Student Body Government planned barbecue welcoming new and current students to the fall semester turned into a protest against administration on Thursday, Aug. 25.

The event, billed in campus-wide email as a “Welcome Barbecue” in the area outside Danner Hall know as the Quad, was to include free food, carnival games and live music.

Members of ASBG took to the microphones, however, to protest recent actions by the administration to remove the flea market from the governing body’s control on Aug. 17.

ASBG asked students to sign petitions against the administration’s actions.

In return, students who signed the petitions received free T-shirts with statements on the back and front against San Joaquin Delta College administration.

The shirts said “We are one” and “Save the flea market” on the front, and also included articles from The Record and The Lodi News-Sentinel.

The back had a ribbon graphic with filled in with $100 bills and the statement “Students Together Fighting United,” which spelled out vertically said “STFU.”

Among those who spoke at the rally were ASBG president Nicholas Aguirre and vice president Bronche Taylor.

The ASBG officials announced a 5 p.m. Sept. 13 protest to follow.

Aguirre told The Collegian the event cost less than $6,000 of student monies to put on.

  • rickr0ll

    Are they gonna even bother to demand they stop cuts in other more important areas like classes, services, and faculty? We should care about more than simply our flea market. That is the last straw but the lowest in what our priorities as students should be. ASBG should be rallying students to do more than protect the interests of the ASBG.

  • JSIN

    Yet again the ASBG fails in it’s attempts to show the administration it can handle itself. A Welcome Day bbq turned into a miss guided protest and let’s not even talk about the misappropriation of student funds in order to bribe students to sign a petition. I found it hilarious that I could not receive the “free” T-Shirt that was being advertised only because I would not sign a petition. As a student at delta and my money actually being used to put on such a diluted event I am not only appalled by these actions but I am almost wondering when the recall process will begin on our wonderful president Nicholas Aguirre or maybe a slap on the wrist for the faculty adviser who is failing our student government by not going about things in a more appropriate manner.