Paper or plastic? How about an option for both?


Here at San Joaquin Delta College students usually only have one choice when it comes to paying for their on campus purchases — paper.

More specifically, cash.

In the world today we are constantly on the move.

We no longer have the time to take a leisurely stroll through the park to stop and smell the roses. The same goes for rummaging around in line for bills and change.

More people are moving away from carrying around bulky chunk change to swiping convenient plastic cards.

However, many places on the Delta College campus do not allow the use of these time saving cards.

Danner Hall, particularly, doesn’t allow students to use debit or credit cards to purchase food.

Java Jitters, up until recently we understand, only accepted cash as well.

We applaud the campus coffee shop’s move into this century.

The bookstore has stipulations on the use of plastic as well. Debit cards are allowed, but only if you are the cardholder and can provide proper identification.

The same goes for credit cards. We don’t knock this safety procedure, we only bring it up to show that the use of debit and credit is accepted on campus in some places.

However, the fact we as a campus are not allowed the use of debit cards at the places we eat or drink on a daily basis is ridiculous.

Debit cards and on-the-go students should go hand in hand.

The only difference being one you can simply pull out and swipe, the other leads you on a hunt for loose change.

What’s worse is we have one ATM machine on campus that charge $3 to $4 to use our own money. That’s just plain insulting.

The faculty here needs to understand that this isn’t early 1900s. We don’t just carry around change like back in the day.

People use paper bills, but mostly everything is plastic.

With all of the modern amenities we have on our campus such as a coffee shop and café, we should be allowed to pay in a more convenient way.

Is it because of the cost of the machines that swipe the cards that Delta is so reluctant to allow this type of payment?

If that’s the case, there is no excuse. With a large student body population, we should be allowed to use plastic to pay for goods.

We are fed up with this cash-only system.

What happens if someone doesn’t have exact change? Obviously they do not buy whatever it is they were going to purchase.

If Delta took this into account they might realize they are missing out on a boat load of cash from purchases not made.

Is this system really working as it is now?

Or do we need to make some changes to bring ourselves into the 21st century?