Striking the right note


A brand new club has filled a hole on campus for music lovers.

CLEF — Choir Lights Eternal Flame, is a club dedicated in bringing together students who are interested in vocal and choral music.

In previous semesters, vocal and choral students had come together to unify the three choirs: Concert Choir, Delta Vocal Jazz and the Delta Singers.

The goal was to have a more cohesive sound across the choirs.

This idea, however, did not get off the ground.

“There is a gap in the musical culture of Delta’s campus; there isn’t any other music clubs besides this one,” said Amanda Fleig, president of CLEF.

German Aguilar, the club’s advisor, came to Fleig with the idea that they “could reach a broader community by creating a club for everyone interested in vocal music.”

The club is still getting its bearings, but members are working on bringing numbers up.

There are approximately 15 members on the club’s roster for this semester.

Jessica Lugo, one of the members who has been involved in choir for many years, really enjoys CLEF so far.

“I like the friendliness, and the field trips that we plan,” she said.

As of now, the members are working on strategies to generate funds and do other activities for this and upcoming semesters.

“We would like to get together a kind of talent show — kind of coffee-house style,” said Fleig.

Aguilar also has high hopes for the talent show.

“It would be fun if [the talent show] became a staple on campus,” Aguilar said in an email interview.

Aguilar also mentioned the club idea of getting together a caroling group “that goes out into the greater community and performs during the holidays.”

The members and leaders are still developing ideas for new things to do, even though it is tough to start a new club, and become established with more than thirty other clubs already on campus.

“They are committed to meeting regularly and seeing their plans for events through to fruition,” said Aguilar.


For more information about Choir Lights Eternal Flame, contact club president Amanda Fleig at