Delta graduate to speak about book


“The power of literature is tremendous,” said author Jesse De La Cruz spoke when discussing his new book “Detoured: My Journey from Darkness to Light.”

A former Delta college student, De La Cruz received his Associate in Arts degree in 1999 and transferred to California State University, Stanislaus, where he is currently a doctoral candidate.

Over the past several weeks, he has been a keynote speaker in several California campuses.

“Detoured” was published this past August, and it is a story involving poverty, hate, incarceration, drug addiction, homicide and several other raw elements that De La Cruz personally experienced.

Moreover, the story includes De La Cruz’s triumph over these obstacles, thus channeling his emotions into writing.

“Initially, my intent was not to write a book,” said De La Cruz. “But to use writing as a catharsis, or way of cleansing.”

Along with the purpose of writing for emotional release, De La Cruz also wanted to “hold society accountable,” stressing the reality that “every one of us plays a role in the development of everybody else.”

De La Cruz believes the book will impact everyone.

He will be speaking at Delta on Wednesday, October 12, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Tillie Lewis Theater.

Admission is free and the first 60 people to attend will receive a free copy of his book.