Dream Act to provide aid for undocumented students


Under AB 131, the Dream Act, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Oct. 8, undocumented immigrant students in California will be able to receive college financial aid.

The law allows top students who are on the path to citizenship to apply for and receive state aid, the governor said.

“Going to college is a dream that promises intellectual excitement and creative thinking. The Dream Act benefits us all by giving top students a chance to improve their lives and the lives of all of us,” said Brown in a press release on the bill.

In July, Brown signed AB 130, the first half of the California Dream Act, making funding from private sources available to undocumented students.

By signing AB 131, the second half of the California Dream Act, on Oct. 8, the Dream Act was passed entirely.

The law grants undocumented students access to public and private funding for college.

About 2,500 students will be qualified for Cal Grants totaling $14.5 million, which aver- ages out to $5,800 per student according to the California Department of Finance.

The Dream Act it will affect future students at San Joaquin Delta College too.

“This [Dream Act] has very much to do with Delta students because a great number of undocumented students attend community colleges as a start to higher education,” said Ana Ar- riaga, a member of Delta College’s Punete Club. “This also means the number of students at Delta College might increase due to the opportunity that had been given to them.”

Arriaga also mentioned the possible increase of students applying to UC or CSU because of the financial aid opportunities.

However, she sees more positive affects from the Dream Act on the community.

“There will be much brighter intellectuals that can contribute greatly to the community and can possibly be attending Delta College,” Arriaga said.

As a response to the passing of the bill, Delta College will host a symposium on Nov. 9 in Danner Hall. It includes meet and greet opportunities with college representatives.

The event will information for undocumented students and up- dates on the Dream Act. All are welcome to attend the symposium. For information, call San Joaquin Delta College Outreach & Community Relations at (209) 954-5151, ext. 6144.