Letter to the editor: Problems with financial aid


As a freshman here at Delta College, I am saddened to say I’ve had a horrible experience with the financial aid services here.

The financial aid office received my papers and application in February 2011. After waiting months for them to send me some kind of confirmation regarding my financial aid, I decided to call the school.

When I called I got a automated system telling me everyone in the office was busy, and that if I left a message someone would get back to me within the next 24 hours. Twenty-four hours came and went. I called again and someone picked up. I explained my situation and was told was to log onto the Delta website to find out the status of my financial aid.

After logging on I found out there were two papers to fill out before I could get financial aid.

By this time classes had already started. I filled out the papers and sent them off and I waited.

One month went by and nothing happened. I called the financial aid office once more, only to find out my papers still hadn’t been reviewed because they were reviewing papers that should have been reviewed in July. It was the end of August.

At the beginning of October, my papers still had not been reviewed. I will not receive my financial aid until almost the end of the semester. I have had to buy used books and materials that financial aid was supposed to help me with. This is unacceptable, there should be a better way to inform students about their financial aid.

We have a student email, why not email us and keep us updated on what’s going on at least?

There is no reason a student should receive their financial aid at the end of the semester that it was supposed to be used for.

Something needs to be done so no student should have to go through this again.