Lollicup attracts customers with milk tea, boba


If you’re looking for a daily dose of dairy in your diet, look no further than Lollicup located on 2233 Grand Canal Boulevard in Stockton.

Lollicup is a milk tea cafe that serves more than 100 different drinks and several different food items.

The most popular of these beverages is the boba milk tea, made of real boba.

Boba, or tapioca balls, are a treat made of starch from a cassava root and were invented in Taiwan according to, the official site of Lollicup.

Boba has a sweet taste and a gummy-like texture that helps massage the throat when it’s swallowed.

Customers can also chew on the soft texture of boba to taste a quality of sweetness that can’t be experienced any other way.

Martha Sanchez, an office assistant, said her favorite order was fried calamari and boba milk tea.

“It’s a nice place, close to the office, and the people are friendly,” said Sanchez.

Squid and popcorn chicken are the favorites on the food menu.

Each food item comes in four different tones of spicy: not spicy, mild, medium and hot.

Food also comes with three dipping sauces which are barbecue, sweet and sour, and ranch.

Ben Campos has been a loyal customer since Lollicup opened in Stockton and has been taking his four-yearold son Tyler with him for the past two years.

“I saw this place and decided to try it out,” said Campos.

Ben Campos’ favorite drink is the honeydew slush with boba and his son enjoys the mango flavor.

Lollicup started with one store in southern California, but has grown to occupy eleven states with over 80 stores.

There are only five Lollicup Cafes in the central valley, including the one in Stockton.


. Boba milk tea
. Squid balls
. Honeydew slush
. Popcorn chicken
. Fried tofu
. Lychee snow
. Lobster balls
. Fried squid
. Mango slush
. Strawberry snow