Delta College Flea Market to move to new location


The San Joaquin Delta College Flea Market will be moving to a new location this Black Friday.

On Friday, Nov. 25, the flea market will be holding a special sale from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the H2, L1 and L2 parking lots.

After that, the market will resume normal operations in the new lots.

The market was previously located in the Budd 4 parking lot.

Interim Flea Market Coordinator Harry Webb said there are several reasons behind the move.

One is an attempt to draw in more traffic from Pacific Avenue by having the market in a more visible location.

The change will also allow the flea market staff to use the former police cottage, giving the workers electricity and a permanent location.

“Having a real office, it’s easier for vendors to track people down,” said Webb.

Further improvements are also planned, such as a computerized management system to streamline the process of running the market, increasing organization, reducing errors, and making it easier and quicker for vendors to register and check-in.

Webb said there are also plans to add permanent restrooms and provide power for food vendors at the market, removing the need for noisy generators.

“We’re basically trying to provide a better looking, more customer friendly, more vendor friendly market,” Webb said.