Elbows off the table, napkin on your lap please


A quick and easy reference guide of dos and don’ts for Thanksgiving dinner

It is the time of the season for good food, visiting family and long dinners.

And since the Thanksgiving holiday is a time for giving and not fighting, we thought our readers would appreciate suggestions for how to not have your grandmother throw you out of her house.

Remembering the proper things to do and not to do is essential to a successful holiday.


GOBBLE GOBBLE: Don’t mistreat your utensils, they never did anything to you. PHOTO BY BRIAN RATTO

DO: RSVP if you are attending Thanksgiving at someone else’s house. Be it family or just friends it’s always nice to let your host/hostess know what time you will be arriving.

DON’T: Show up banging on the door like a hungry caveman asking where the turkey dinner is.


DO: Dress appropriately. Whether Thanksgiving will be spent with family, friends or you are meeting your other half’s parents, you will want to look presentable.

DON’T: Show up in stained smelly sweats with holes looking like you just escaped getting mauled by a hungry bear.


DO: Eat with your mouth closed and use the utensils provided. Your host/hostess took the time to properly set the table for you.

Shovel food into your mouth with your bare hands like you are preparing to hibernate for winter. The pecan pie will still be there if you take the time to chew.


DO: Remember to use a napkin and cover your mouth when you cough.

GOBBLE GOBBLE: Never sneak food to go in a cup, ask for a plate to go. PHOTO BY BRIAN RATTO

DON’T: Use your sleeve to wipe your face and remember that no one wants your phlegm on the food.


DO: Offer to bring a dish to contribute to the meal. This is the time for giving.

DON’T: Show up with a bag of chips and call it a day. This isn’t the Super Bowl people.


DO: Avoid controversial or painful family subjects. This is a day to be together and be thankful, not gripe about society.

DON’T: Have a yelling match over whether or not President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is real. Let it go. Never get politcal with your dinner guests.


DO: Offer to help your host/hostess clean up after the meal is over.

DON’T: Sit around on your bum and do nothing. You’re not a cow, the time to graze is over.


DO: Leave at the appropriate time. It is good to be respectful.

Overstay your welcome. This isn’t a sleepover. You have your own house, go to it.


Thanksgiving Day this year is on Thursday, Nov. 24.

Remember the simple things this holiday season can help the days go off without a hitch.

Heeding to the simple tips presented on this page will allow you to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

And don’t forget to use a fork!