BLACK FRIDAY: Thanksgiving holiday loses focus day after, part one



A day to reunite with friends, family, and be thankful for what we have.

Black Friday.

A day to let the greedy animal in all of us pepper spray, shove, and trample people out of the way to get merchandise on sale.

The ironic thing is that Black Friday is only a day after Thanksgiving.

How quickly the warm familial feelings are forgotten, only to be replaced with cold selfishness.

Honestly speaking, it’s all stupid.

Black Friday should be outlawed. Or better yet, let’s just stop celebrating Thanksgiving altogether.

Turkey is nice, family time is tolerable, but we are not really thankful for what we have.

We just want more stuff.

And apparently we are willing to do anything — even stun-gun grandparents — to get that stuff at cheap prices.

Christmas is next.

Another day with family pretending we like the useless gifts we receive.

What we’re all really looking forward to is returning said useless gift for something we really want.

All this merry-making only leads to chaos and destruction for the poor employees at the costumer service counter and misery for the people waiting in those long return lines.

Happy Holidays.