Tutoring center helps athletes exercise mind


With finals coming up, athletes seek Zone to support their academic progress in college

Keeping up with grades while balancing other priorities is a difficult task for many students on campus.

Athletes are no exception.

Adding in games and practices, some may fall behind on studies.

The Zone, located in Budd 205, is a hub of tutors specialized for athletes to keep up with their mandatory three-hour study requirements.

Students using the center log in and out using their Delta identification number to keep track of their hours, and folders to keep track of the work that they do.

Opened in fall 2010, the Zone is not just for athletes.

“It’s primarily for athletes, but everyone is welcome,” Teresa Gutierrez, Instructional Support Assistant for Languages, Library, and Learning Resources said during an interview.

A major complaint students that used the center had was that the center is often crammed with people.

According to Gutierrez the busiest times are in the morning.

“Between 7:45-12:30 it’s pretty packed. Later on it usually dwindles down,” he said.

The tutors are usually athletes who have taken courses in the subjects that they tutor in.

Focusing strictly on general education, they are required to have multiple subjects that they can cover.

“English tutor, study skills. I also do psychology and history. Took English so I can help with that too,” said Sean Fenner, a Zone tutor.

The subject matter that each tutor covers is printed on their badges so students know whom to approach with their questions.

Though athletes are only required three hours of study a week, some coaches require more.

“I play basketball, requirements are four hours, mandatory 1 hour every day except Friday, allowing leniency for students with classes,” said Fenner.

Students also said they enjoyed the friendly staff environment and the ability to use computers required for studying.