Wrapped with love


The Christmas season is here and everywhere we go there are lights strung up with care, festive music playing and stores having sales.

Each year we look for the perfect gifts for family and friends.

Once that mission is accomplished the fun part comes: wrapping the present.

Taking the time to carefully dress the gift in the nicest wrapping paper, ribbons and bows is an art.

Here are a few things to remember while wrapping presents: Measure the present to get the right amount of wrapping paper; crease the edges of the present for a clean look and a finishing touch is to personalize the gift with ribbons and bows.

Making a plain present elegant is easy.

Take the wrapped present and add a complementary-colored ribbon around the gift, place a bow on the front of the gift where the ribbons meet, use curling ribbons in matching colors to add flair.

Another simple way to wrap a gift is to use a simple patterned paper and add one bow to a corner, near the bow place the name card.

Don’t forget to sign it with love.

Want a simple and easy way to make a gift fun?

Do not use purchased wrapping paper, use the newspaper (including The Collegian), after reading it of course.

Take the comics, or any color page and use the colorful artwork to wrap the package.

Sign who it is to and from in permanent marker, and you have an instantly unique gift.

When it comes to an odd shaped gift, there are two ways to wrap it.

One is to carefully wrap the gift with paper, ribbons and bows.

The other and easier way is to use a gift bag, ribbons, bows and tissue paper.

This year take the time to make the gift special.

But remember no matter how you wrap the gift remember that it is the meaning behind the gift that matters most.