Writers’ Guild encourages wordplay on campus


The Writers’ Guild hosted the third Scrabble Tournament on Wednesday, Dec. 7 in the Cunningham Study Lounge.

Participants had 30 minutes each round to rack up as many points as possible. After four rounds of game play Denise Maurer won with 702 points.

The club planned for a $4 pre-sale and a $5 at the door.

BATTLE OF WITS: Writers’ Guild members play Scrabble at the third Scrabble Tournament in Cunningham Lounge on Wednesday, Dec. 7. PHOTO BY BRIAN RATTO

“The fee was withdrawn due to a lack of pre registration,” said club president Angela Bardot, 25.

Members promoted the event with flyers and word of mouth as well as posting on the guild’s Facebook page.

“I heard of the event on the Writers’ Guild Facebook,” said club member Nicholas Niggemeyer.

The event had a low attendance, and it was club member versus club member.

“The lack of participation in the event was related to the lack of participation in the promotion of the event,” said Bardot.

The Writers’ Guild hopes to have a bigger and better event in the future.