Hollywood producer visit inspires RTV students


Marsha Posner Williams critiques, supports campus work

On Thursday, Jan. 26, Delta College’s Radio/Television program welcomed two-time Emmy award winner Marsha Posner Williams to campus.

Posner Williams, who produced shows such as “The Golden Girls” and “SOAP,” provided critiques to students in the program, while also presenting a $1,000 scholarship to a single student.

‘GOLDEN’ VISITOR: Marsha Posner Williams answers questions during her visit to the RTV program. PHOTOS BY JUSTIN TRISTANO

Although the purpose of her visit wasn’t just to give out a scholarship.

“She is really kind and wants to meet the students of Delta,” said lead instructor William Story.

Students in the video production workshop course showed films that were put together in a two-week period with hopes of earning the scholarship.

Former video production students were also invited to the event, but were not eligible for the scholarship.

The event continued into Friday, Jan. 27 when several other students from the program showed their work to Posner Williams.

She provided feedback on the samples.

“You can’t say I went to college and it hurt my career,” said Posner Williams during the question and answers period.

After showing the student’s works the Radio/Television Department began to film for the Delta 360 show, one of the few programs that breaks the rules of regular television.

The show featured several of the Radio/Televisions other talents that students possessed, such as their news crew who wanted to do a feature on Stockton and how it was not as depressing as people believed.

The event left the students with an inspirational message and the belief that they could succeed in whatever career they desired.

“I have had the best time ever and am already thinking when I can come back,” said Posner Williams afterward.

Posner Williams comes to Delta after meeting Story last year when he was selected for a Television Academy of Arts and Sciences fellowship.

Story visited southern California for the conference, where he met Posner Williams.

Story said that originally the scholarship amount to be awarded was $500, but Posner Williams said she would match it.
The recipient will be announced at Mediafest,  a multimedia event held later this spring.