A ‘songversation’ in Stockton with India.Arie


Four-time Grammy award winning India.Arie came to Stockton’s Bob Hope Theatre Feb. 18 to have a “songversation.”

More than 1,800 attended, to hear about her 10 most important lessons of the decade.

Her stop in Stockton was only her second concert appearance since Oct. 2011.

“My bank account was on the rise, but my emotional account was bankrupt,” said India.Arie.

The performer said she has been taking time to get back in touch with herself and helping with causes all around the world.

India.Arie came up with a “songversation” in which she does not only sing, but also speak with the audience in hopes that “whatever [they] came to get [they] would receive.”

The artist mentioned to the audience that she sings about empowerment and fearlessness.

“I don’t sing about it because I know it, I sing it because these are things I want to learn,” she said.

Her stage was fixed with one chair and a table that had root oils and crystals. Her all white garment was made by her mother.

At the pinnacle of her success, sadness in the midst love found India.Arie. She said the clothing of her mother keeps her as humble.

Her lessons of the decade come from years in the music industry.

India.Arie, now 37, entered into the business at 23, and she was surprised at the sharks that were in the industry.

Her last life lesson was quoted from a proverb that reads, “Through prayer there is a bigger fish ready to eat the big fish that is trying to eat you.”

Her first: “Be yourself.”