Campus police reaches out on the web


Social media, without a doubt, has become an integral part of the western societies’ culture.

And now the San Joaquin Delta College District Police Department is no exception.

The department has set up a Facebook page dedicated to the department.

The website is updated regularly with information about arrests made by the district police, pictures of officers and police vehicles and various safety tips.

It already has over 500 “likes.”

David Main, director of police services and programs, encouraged the development of the site after officer Jim Bock brought the idea to him.

“When Chief Main arrived, I approached him with the idea. He expressed his strong commitment to keeping our community informed and encouraged its development. Without his input and dedication, it would have never come to fruition,” said Bock in an email interview.

The pages’ official kickoff was announced via a post on Jan. 26.

All the posts on Facebook are simultaneously posted to the department’s Twitter page as well.

Because of Facebook’s extreme popularity, it is a useful tool for the district police to get important information out to the students and staff.

“Although our goal is to get information out, we strongly encourage both positive and constructive feedback and suggestions from our community. We believe that this interaction will foster a stronger bond with the community and assist us in getting accurate and relevant information delivered in timely manner,” Bock said.

Another important aspect of today’s social media tools, are the applications that are downloaded onto smart phones such as the iPhone.
The department is also looking into the development of their own “app.”

“We are currently examining a potential smartphone application (for Android and iOS) which will provide emergency information, safety tips, crime reporting, anonymous tips and much more to anyone who chooses to download the application. This application will also provide direct links to our police website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Additionally, users will be able to contact district police by simply pressing a button within the app,” Bock said.

With social media sites being on the forefront of many peoples’ minds, a San Joaquin Delta College District Police Facebook page is believed by the department to be an essential new development.

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