People can forgive, but should they forget when it comes to abuse?


Chris Brown’s Grammy win, performance raises the question of whether apology is enough

What disgusted me more than the “Who is Paul McCartney?” trend on Twitter after the Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, were the “I’d let Chris Brown beat me” tweets.

Yes, the incident between Brown and fellow entertainer Rhianna happened three years ago.

Yes, there are two sides to every story.

But since when did abuse ever become funny or attractive?

Domestic violence is not something that should be taken lightly, no matter how long ago it happened.

Many of Brown’s supporters are claiming that because the episode occurred in the past, people should move on.

I wonder if they would be saying the same thing if they were talking about their mother or sister?

The Grammys already have a bad reputation for giving awards to people who don’t deserve them.

Most of the time they award the most popular instead of the  most talented.

But letting Brown, who in my opinion has zero talent,  perform and accept his award on the same stage Rhianna also preformed on, is a new, much worse, low.

Not because of his “music,” but because Brown’s actions are absolutely disgusting.

Brown is acting like this is his great comeback.

Do we really want to applaud a comeback from someone who isn’t really sorry for what they did?

Brown shows no remorse for what he did.

He beat a woman and was only given probation, yet he prances around actually trying to defend himself; “Hate all you want because I got a Grammy now! That’s the ultimate f*** off!” Brown tweeted.


What is society coming to?

I agree that we should not dwell in the past.

But the way Brown is going on about his situation just shows what an immature, pathetic, disgusting, person he is.

At least Rhianna has kept quiet on the subject and has not tried to defend her own wrongdoings.

Brown, for whatever reason, is still admired by countless of young people. Young people who will think it is OK to beat anyone because in a few years time all will be forgiven and forgotten.

Those tweets by Brown’s fans and supporters more than prove how people are stupidly blinded from the truth and what is right by the glamorous lights of fame and fortune.

Abuse is abuse. It is really disturbing how people do not seem to understand this.

Instead of acting like what he did was something positive that helped him grow into a better person — which he obviously has not — Brown should just keep quiet and focus on actually becoming a better human being.