Police testing new electric vehicles


For two weeks, San Joaquin Delta College District police has been testing battery powered vehicles loaned from Electric Vehicle International (EVI) on the Stockton campus.

According to Sgt. Mario Vasquez, “The vehicles are really nice and very efficient.” There are two models, a regular model and the newer E-MEGA.

The regular model is open cab and features an older version of the battery and can reach speeds of 30 mph. It includes a police package with a siren and costs $9000.

The newer E-MEGA is closed cab and includes more features, such as air conditioning, heating and a CD stereo. It uses lithium phosphate batteries, has a range of up to 50 miles, and can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph. The E-MEGA costs $31,000.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District is offering a $10,000 special grant for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

When asked what she thought of the new vehicles, student Yahaira Lopez said, “I think it’s better than using gas because gas pollutes the air and thinking money wise, people won’t be wasting money on gas.”