Student body government revitalizes College Hour


Recent event showcases music, poets

College Hour, brought to the campus population by the Associated Student Body Government, is a one-hour event set out to promote student life and campus activity.

LEADER: Bronche Taylor emcees the day. PHOTO BY MICHAEL JOHNSON

For years, students may have seen the time as a way to get free pizza.

However, the coming together aspect of it has been around for several years.

The time is now under the direction of Vice President of Student Affairs Bronche Taylor.

Taylor intends to breathe new life into the affair.

“I am committed to creating events that are entertaining and address social issues,” Taylor said.

A College Hour was recently held on Feb. 16.

Since February is Black History Month, Taylor took time to mention and pay homage to the positive African Americans of our past.

Taylor promoted peace and success among all people too.

The event  included games, food, a fashion show and live musical performances with the smooth dulcet tones from Delta’s jazz ensemble to the rugged and empowering lyrics from Stockton’s hip-hop artist Lunnie.

“Next month’s topic will be Women’s Suffrage so the hour long event will honor women and the contributions they’ve made to society and the role they’ve played in our history,” Taylor said.

College Hour is held every third Thursday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30  p.m. in the quad area near Danner Hall.