Entering the world of independent gaming


It’s safe to assume that many Delta College students play video games.

Video games, after all, are the largest entertainment medium. The industry trumps movies and music combined.

But who out there actually considers creating a game themselves?

That’s exactly what the Game Creators Union (GCU), a new club on the Delta College campus, has made its mission.

Previous video game based clubs on campus have been passive or pedestrian in nature, reviewing and discussing games, but seldom actively attempting to contribute to the shared passion.

But isn’t it difficult to get a game made and released?

“It’s both harder and easier to get one out there,” said GCU President Armando Cantu said.

Cantu said that because of the advances in technology and the greater ease of accessibility to the public it is easier for someone to create a game.

At the same time, though, he stressed that because of gaming’s popularity, there’s a whole generation of people that grew up with games 20 to 30 years ago now going out pursuing careers in the field and as such it’s become harder to single yourself out.

“That’s why clubs like this need to exist, to allow to create work to show off in our future to show off our talents,” he said.

Cantu has a point on both spectrums.

Nowadays making an independent video game is all more a reality.

With successes like “Minecraft” and the upcoming “Retro City Rampage,” one can go out and create an indie game and achieve success, but what about all the other indie games out there?

With so many people out there wanting to enter the medium it has become harder and harder to find a proper foot in.

The important fact is that they are out there trying, they love the medium so much they wish to contribute.


For more information about the newly formed Game Creators Union at Delta College visit the club’s website at http://gamecreatorsunion.yolasite.com.

Contact the club directly at gamecreatorsunion@gmail.com.