Editorial: How will administration change impact students?


Yet again, Delta College finds itself lacking a permanent president/superintendent.

Debates about reorganization and accreditation and budget issues have dominated campus discussions in recent weeks.

Former President Jeff Marsee has been officially released. Dr. Kathy Hart is filling in as acting President.

We here at the Collegian have to ask, however, “Why should we care?”

That is not a sign of apathy, or an indication of a lack of interest about a major campus event, but a serious question.

How will this administration change really affect the students?

Hart probably put it best herself in a recent interview with Collegian staff.

“Large complex organizations, like Delta College, go on despite upsets in the administration,” said Hart.

Despite this change in leadership, regardless of whatever Marsee did to rouse the ire of the teachers’ unions and the board of trustees, business at Delta will continue as usual.

Most students probably wouldn’t even be aware of the change without notification.

But is business as usual really what this campus needs?

We have pointed out various campus issues before. These underlying problems still exist.

The state of California continues to cut education funding, leaving Delta’s overall budget uncertain.

Union contracts need to be honored, salary increases need to be considered, and construction projects on campus need to be finished, straining that already uncertain budget.

Classes continue to be cut. The futures of entire programs remain uncertain.

Classrooms remain overfull, and required classes continue to be filled before some students can even register.

Again, why should we care about an administration change if it will just lead to business as usual? Hart has said that communication is a major problem on campus. Perhaps, then, communication is a good place to start.

We hope this campus won’t merely “go on.” We hope for something more than business as usual.

We hope the administration can find a way to tell us, the students of Delta College, why we should care about this change.