Offering ways to succeed


Student Activities office hold workshops helping students

The Student Activities office is running workshops in the Mustang Room to assist students in basic skills.

These workshop are to help students get to the next step in their educations.

Targeting mostly campus clubs, the workshops are also open to all students who want leadership skills or resume writing help.

“The target is the clubs mostly so if you don’t have a job or never had a job you can use the information to help you,” said Aja Butler, director of student activities.

Butler sought presenters from campus allowing those who responded the opportunity to pick their topic.

“I sent a campus wide e-mail; asked for people to respond and the speakers came up with the topic,” said Butler.

A Feb. 28 workshop led by Danita Scott Taylor, Director of Student Support Services  focused on time management.

A total of six students attended the first workshop.

“Even if it’s small the information is useful,” Butler said.

There are plans to organize more workshops in future semesters. The next workshop for the spring will be March 13.