Cunningham replacement building nearing completion


Construction is not complete yet, but the new Cunningham Math and Science Center is targeted to be done Sept. 1.

The new facility, funded by the $250 million Measure L bond, is expected to improve and expand the district’s educational centers.

The building is planned to have a powerful impact on students.

The current facility is lacking, say those who attend class there.

“The elevator doesn’t work sufficiently and the size of the classrooms are too small,” said Delta College chemistry student Chris Sandoval.

This replacement building will contain new furniture and a larger learning and work area.

The building has been under construction since early 2010. It was originally built in 1973.

An email sent out from Interim Vice President of Instruction Matt Wetstein to the general Campus Business email said that once construction is completed, moving will begin.

A firm move-in date, according to the email, will come in May.

To prepare for this move faculty and staff are being asked to pack up materials by the end of the spring term or before the start of the summer term. This way necessary items will be readily available for the first few weeks of the fall term and boxes prepared to be moved.

Faculty who are teaching lab sections next semester are also advised to arrange “dry labs” allowing chemicals, specimens, and other delicate materials to be moved in a secure and organized fashion, according to the email from Wetstein.

Sandoval said there are positive aspects to the current Cunningham building, despite the upcoming move.

“I enjoy the lounge area because it has plenty of space for study groups or to just relax, a room with vending machines for snacks food and drinks and a microwave,” he said.

Even though these things may cause some ill-timed effects on student’s education, a helpful team of faculty, managers, and staff are synchronizing a plan to make this transition as smooth as possible.