Delta student crowned Miss San Joaquin County


Stockton resident and Delta College student Kathryn Faull began her reign as Miss San Joaquin County earlier this month after winning the title, along with a $3,000 scholarship on March 10.

Miss San Joaquin County is an official primary to the Miss California and preliminary to the Miss America Organization pageants.


Faull was rated in five areas: private interview, on-stage question, physical fitness, talent and evening gown.

This is Faull’s last semester at Delta. She is transferring to California State University, Humboldt in the fall to continue her education with studies in kinesiology.

The newly crowned Miss San Joaquin County answered questions for The Collegian about her title, her personal and student life and what winning means to her.

QUESTION: Why did you choose to run for Miss San Joaquin County?

ANSWER: “There were two main factors that played into my decision to run for Miss San Joaquin County; the first is that I need scholarship money to pay for school; I’m transferring in the fall. The second is that I realized I wanted to start making a difference in the community and help people. I learned that by running for Miss San Joaquin and being crowned, I could accomplish those goals.”

Q: What does winning Miss San Joaquin County mean to you?

A: “It is a huge honor to be Miss San Joaquin County and represent San Joaquin County at the Miss California Pageant. I hope I can give a good impression of our county and be a role model to young people everywhere as long as I have the crown.”

Q: As a Delta College student what are you planning to do during your reign, for other Delta College students?

A: “I’d really love to raise more awareness about all of our amazing programs, especially the arts. Delta is a great school, and I’d love for more people to realize that. I would also enjoy educating other Delta students on my platform, breast health awareness and the Miss America Program itself.”

Q: Was it hard running for a title and being a student at Delta College?

A: “Being a student is a job within itself, and so is being a titleholder! But so far I feel I have the skills to balance everything in my life successfully.”

Q: Who were your biggest supporters during your campaign?

A: “I am so thankful in the fact that I have amazing friends and family that are supportive! My biggest supporters are my mother, Jeanette; my aunt, Rhonda; my grandmother, Dianne; and my wonderful boyfriend, Dominic. Without their constant positivity, help, and comfort I would have had a difficult time getting ready for the pageant.”

Q: What are your goals during your reign as Miss San Joaquin County?

A: “In my year as Miss San Joaquin County, I really would love to see more young men and women become active with their breast health. While many women and men suffer from breast cancer, many also suffer from fibrocystic breast disease, which is not commonly known. By exercising, eating the right foods, performing at-home breast exams, and visiting your doctor regularly we could all decrease the risk of fibrocystic breast diseases and breast cancer or at least catch them in their early stages. It is also important that in my year as Miss San Joaquin County that I can reach out to people and motivate as well as inspire them to pursue their dreams. Anything is possible and  when there is a will, there is a way. Lastly I’d like to be a role model for people everywhere.”

Q: How long have you been involved in pageants?

A: “Competing in Miss San Joaquin County was my first experience with the Miss America Organization and my first pageant. It has been an amazing experience competing and being a titleholder. I have made so many new friends already and I feel so privileged to have had this amazing opportunity. I will definitely keep doing pageants with this organization after my year as Miss San Joaquin County.”

Q: What have pageants help you to achieve in your life?

A:”Pageants have instilled a sense of confidence in me as well as the ability to work well in a team, and the opportunity to meet other young women that share the same interests and have similar goals. I know that by continuing to do pageants I will make life long friends as well as become the person I am meant be.”