Kony movement hits campus


Generation4Change raises money for Invisible Children

Generation4Change is a club on the Delta College campus.
The purpose of the club is to build awareness and raise money for the Invisible Children non-profit organization.
The national organization has garnered attention lately since the release of “Kony 2012,” a web-based documentary.
“Kony 2012 is a campaign started by Invisible Children to bring Joseph Kony, a warlord who rapes children and recruits them as soldiers, to justice through awareness and action. Our goal is to make him famous,” wrote club president Menisha Virdi in an email interview.
The club has done numerous events in the past to support the effort.
On March 6, Generation4Change had four advocates from the organization’s headquarters visit our campus to inform students about the campaign and to watch “Kony 2012” in the west forum.
The club will host another event on Saturday, March 24 at 6 p.m. in the Warren Atherton Auditorium.
“It is called Breakthrough Dance Competition, a hip hop competition between crews from all over California for a cash prize. The event is sponsored by us, and tickets are $15 presale. If you buy the tickets from our club, $3 will be donated to Invisible Children,” Virdi wrote in an email.
Students interested in purchasing tickets for the upcoming event you can contact Virdi at menishavirdi@gmail.com or visit the club’s table in the quad, tickets will be on sale today in the quad until 2 p.m.