Faculty talent show reveals hidden skills


Teachers. You see them in-class every week. Quite frequently they can be spotted around campus. And every now and then you might have an awkward run-in with them at a local grocery store.
Unexpected encounters with teachers outside of their working environment can be at times awkward, but the Faculty Talent Show on April 18 was anything but.
A total of 15 faculty members, ranging from teaching staff to members of the Board of Directors, participated in the talent show, which was held in the Teacher’s Reading Room of the Goleman Library.
“Delta’s faculty and staff are enormously talented in multiple ways,” said Paula Sheil, English professor and Academic Senator. “The untapped potential of our collaborations is very exciting.”
Students filled the room in support of their teachers.
Some sat on the floor and others remained standing, but all were in high spirits as they observed their teachers in a different setting.
“I thought [the talent show] was excellent,” said Delta student William Hickman. “I happen to love music.”
Sheil emceed the event by announcing each act and encouraging the audience to relax and enjoy the informal production.
Teachers and students laughed together as the different acts performed. Some presented original written work, while others sang traditional folk tunes and played cover songs on their instruments.
“It was just so soothing, I felt like it was a nice spring afternoon,” said Financial Aid Director Denise Donn. “It was very relaxed and you could just come along and show your talent.”
Donn participated in a humorous Haitian skit about a woman in need of a horse. The skit was comical and included unexpected mistakes that allowed faculty to showcase their impromptu acting skills.
“It was not competitive or intense,” said Donn. “Even when I messed up I felt supported.”
The show was a success, encouraging faculty camaraderie.
“I think when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we have the opportunity to connect with others that we normally would not spend time with,” Donn said with a bright smile.
She then laughed while adding, “It made me want to invite everyone over to lunch.”
All in attendance were fortunate to witness their teachers and fellow co-workers doing what they enjoy.
“I hope there were some eye-opening moments when we all looked at the performers as people with something “additional” to offer,” said Sheil. “I hope teachers had fun. [And] I hope students recognize that we are all at Delta for the same reason: to become something more.”