Marvel Studio fufills promise with awesome film


The summer movie season started not with a bang, but with a fully loaded gamma fueled atomic event.

This is especially true of The Avengers, which hit theaters a week ago.

The movie is the Marvel Studio’s fulfillment of a promise made to viewers four years ago when 2008’s “Iron Man” hinted at a Marvel Cinematic Universe, where all these heroes existed in the same world with the prospect of them crossing paths.

That world promised delivered one of the purest, most enjoyable blockbusters in a long time.

This is no Michael Bay film, like the bombastic “Transformer” movies.

The action is competent and readable. The writing is spot on and witty.

The females aren’t sexbots. And it delivers on its premise ten fold.

The film has had five whole movies to lay down the ground work and it’s paid off.

Instead of wasting valuable time explaining who each hero is and how they came to be, we now know these characters pretty well and only need a reintroduction to get the film to the action.

All the actors are comfortable with their roles so now here we see them with great command and understanding of the roles.

The standouts is once again Tom Hiddleston as Loki, the villain with serious little brother syndrome.

Hiddleston, like in “Thor,” acts as if he doesn’t realize he’s in a movie where he’s got a pair of golden horns on his head. He’s that good.

Without a doubt, the one who steals the show was the one many were worried about.

That’s Mark Ruffalo’s turn as Dr. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk.

Writer-Director Joss Whedon plays it very smart by not having the Hulk show up for quite some time.
Instead we get to know and like Ruffalo’s Banner even more so when the Hulk finally emerges in all his glory, the audience is in a full blown tizzy.

This will movie will leave you on a high. You’ll want to see it again later.

But now another question looms out in the near future.

Where is the justice league movie?

No that’s not it, it’s that this is just the beginning of the summer?

This years slate of films are like a film nerds wild jolt cola-infused dream.

There’s a prequel to the “Alien” series with “Prometheus.”

The closer to the Christopher Nolan “Batman” trilogy, and Spiderman hopes to get a new lease on life with “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Those are just the three of the big ones.

In the end, all these films mean a hell of a time at the movies this summer.