ASBG theft results in a estimated $1,000 loss


The Associated Student Body Government (ASBG) was robbed of the camera it uses for student identification card photos.

The tripod and camera were first realized missing when ASBG President Lorena Campos and Student Trustee Bronche Taylor opened up the office early on Aug. 27.

The cost of the camera, tripod, memory, card, and AC adapter was estimated to be $900.

“When I leave I always make sure its locked (the door),” said Teresa Narez-Villa, Senator of Student Body ID cards. “The doors automatically shut.”

There was no sign of forced entry from any of the doors and no finger prints could be obtained. The suspect, however, left clues.

Inside the suspect left a book of matches with a few matches inside, and pinches of ashes between two Mac computers. The suspect also left behind a half-gallon of urine that was placed within an office trash can.

The suspect also managed to steal an USB security key that provided the ASBG access to the software.

The drive did not have any student information on it.

Without the key the ASBG could not open the software program, print, or make changes.

The cost of the security key was $100 not including shipping and handling.

When the idea was brought up that maybe a former member of ASBG stole the camera, Aja Butler, Director of Student Activities, said that it wouldn’t be possible because the Omni Code for the door locks changes whenever a new member is introduced.

“We plan on filing a claim with the insurance company,” said Butler

The camera since than has been replaced thanks to the insurance put on it, and the business of producing ID cards has resumed.

“I think it’s pretty low to take something that benefits the students here at Delta College,” said Villa. “It’s not just this college, it’s everywhere.”