Delta parking at own risk


As campus funding declines, students find themselves fending off crime in school parking lots, and they’re sick of it.

So why do these unnecessary acts happen at Delta College?

In recent history, it appears Delta is where students are reporting numerous stolen items and questionable acts by other students or bystanders.

Last year it seemed there were a lot of reported robberies in the school’s parking lot, such as parking stickers and stereo systems.
Former Delta College student Jericho Ibarra shared his thoughts on the school’s parking lot safety.

“I think they need to assign more campus officers out there to make sure everyone’s vehicles and the items in it are safe,” he said.

Some students have a different outlook in this matter, such as second year student Eric Flores.

“I think that the campus police are doing a good job, it’s not easy to keep an eye on everything in the parking lot. They need more backup out there,” Flores said.

“Some students just need to either hide anything expensive that they bring to school or just don’t leave it in the car visible to everyone,” Flores added.

They obviously need some more help out there because the amount of crime just in the parking lot alone seems ridiculous.

Many students would like for the school to be more strict on the parking lots to prevent any more stealing or robbery from happening again, if not, then expect more of these things to happen.