Desk Camping is being phased out by new policy


An injustice that affects almost every student is plaguing the halls of San Joaquin Delta College; it’s an injustice that is serious, however easily remedied.

“Sitting in.”

For decades, colleges around the United States have employed a basic style of enrollment: classes’ fill, then wait lists fill.

Everyone else simply attends the class until there is a seat open.

With a new policy in place, students who want to add classes have plenty of space, but are missing too much instruction to keep up.

Students should have the right to try to add classes this way, if the student is willing to sit on the floor for a week or two to get in, then they should be able to. It just shows that student is more dedicated than others.

With mainstream classes such as English 1A or biology filling up so quickly, sometimes the only option is to go to the class and try to add.

This way the serious students can get the classes they need, and the non-serious students can weed themselves out just as they always have.

The solution is simple: lift the policy! Allowing students to add classes is not going to hurt anyone—it will only help those who have a low priority and are serious about their education.