Former Delta players aspire to NFL


This season, two Delta College football alumni, have the chance to score the ultimate player’s dream – making it to the National Football League (NFL).

Beau Fryer and Gerome Surrell, both 22, will play their last college football games this year with the Fresno State Bulldogs.

Surrell and Fryer have played football together since they were eight-years old and they’re  now hoping to continue to move forward together.

The two describe their success as a combination of effort, passion, dedication and sacrifice.

“If you want to play football, you have to make a big commitment. You have to sacrifice your wants and needs, you have to sacrifice seeing your loved ones,” said Surrell. “I wake up in the morning and my first thought is football.”

Fryer expressed that he, too, has sacrificed a lot of time with family and friends since he’s started football.

Along with dedication and sacrifice, both players have overcome obstacles in their football careers and made these obstacles into motivations.

At 18, Surrell became a father to Armani Navaeh.

Since the birth of his child, Surrell has made football a tribute to his daughter.

Fryer has had much scrutiny over his size, compared to most players that play his position, he is considered small.

However, where most people would get discouraged, Fryer was inspired.

“I took negative attitudes and used them as my motivation, I proved a lot of people wrong,” he said.

Fryer and Surrell both expressed their love and passion for football, but stressed gratitude for their educations.

“I’m going to ride the car ‘til the wheels fall off,’” said Fryer. “Hopefully I can make it to the NFL, but if not, I have my degree to fall back on.”

Surrell echoed the remarks.

“Football isn’t permanent, football players have a few good years in the NFL. Because of my education I can receive a career where I’m set for the real world,” said Surrell.