Radio Television students score multiple award wins


Delta’s Radio Television program (RTV) has allowed many students to follow their passion for all things multimedia.

Through the program run by William Story, the students have learned many of the technical and creative tools of the trade, including audio production for Internet radio, as well as video shooting and editing for film and web series.

Despite possessing those skills, the Delta RTV program hasn’t received the attention or praise the dedicated students deserve.

This year in particular has been good for the multimedia students, starting with the Mediafest 2012 event held earlier this spring, sponsored by the Radio Television program.

The Mediafest event acts as a review of all the best work of its students throughout the semester.

This recent event in particular was special in that former “Golden Girls” producer Marsha Posner Williams acted as one of the judges to the event, and $1,000 scholarship for the best of show, giving the students a feeling of that their hard work and time had been taken seriously.

More recently the students in the program collected 13 awards at the California Community College Film and Video Festival or 3C Festival for short.

The competition was open to all community colleges in California “and RTV Students held their own,” said Story.

The content spanned all genres and varieties with Delta in particular excelling in the music and variety categories, taking a number of awards home.

In the end, 11 students walked away with recognition.

This event is held every year and running off the buzz of this years turn out, Story and RTV are wanting to make this event and more like it a more common and prevalent practice.

Christopher Short, winner of two of those 13 awards plans on entering “at least two entries for this next year… I’m a perfectionist so I’d like to push myself.”

In the meantime, students in the RTV Studio is already busy working on three major group projects, a revitalized and extended news and sports program and a half-hour comedy broadcast.