What’s wrong with people?: Rape is rape



It’s one of the most controversial topics out there and everyone has an opinion on it. Do women have the right to choose or are they committing some unspeakable act?

Speakers from the Democratic and Republican parties are chiming in when it comes to what the other has to say – especially about a topic as disputed as this.

Recently Missouri candidate for the senate, Todd Akin has reignited the fierce controversy over abortion, especially cases dealing with incest and rape.

Akin had the audacity to say that women cannot get pregnant during rape.

Are you kidding me?

During an interview with a St. Louis television station Akin stated “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

Akin quickly back stepped saying he misspoke and made the statement “I believe deeply in the protection of all life, and I do not believe that harming another innocent victim is the right course of action.”

However, according to a television interview, Akin’s clarification believing in the protection of all life and not harming someone does not address the issue of “legitimate rape.”

Rape is rape.

There is no grey area.

It’s black and white, plain and simple.

Mr. Akin failed to see that and one could argue that he still does because he has not yet made a full retraction.

Even Akin’s own party disagrees with what he said.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a television interview alongside running mate Paul D. Ryan denounced Akin’s remarks.

“His comments about rape were deeply offensive, and I can’t defend what he said. I can’t defend him.”

In a world full of so much violence and hate we look up to our leaders or people in power to show us right from wrong.

Yet everyone knows rape is wrong no matter the reason which a person may present.

Akin should be ashamed of himself for belittling such a horrific crime yet he continues in his pursuit of senate.

What’s wrong with people?