Dear Dad…


Dad, you are in my thoughts every day. I miss you more than words could ever describe. There’s a hole in my heart that aches every time I think of you or see your picture.

Even writing this brings tears to my eyes. You were so much more than a dad. You were a friend, my secret keeper, my go-to guy for anything not related to boys or fashion.

You were everything to me. You did everything for mom and me. We don’t even know how to work the fax machine without you. I never realized how much you did for us and how much we’ll have to learn to do for ourselves.

You left us last week at only 53.

You won’t even get to celebrate your birthday this Saturday. I really thought you would be here to see me graduate college, walk me down the aisle and play with my future children.

You may have loved your double doubles at In-N-Out, but your love of fast food wasn’t what took you from us. I think that fact that it was an accident and no one saw it coming or could have predicted it is the hardest part about all of this.

I can’t blame you for not eating right, I can’t blame someone else for taking you and I can’t blame God as much as I want to.

I do have comfort, though, in the fact that you were a donor and you’re going to live on in someone else and help them have a better life.

While you may not be here physically, you’re in my heart, I can feel your presence next to me writing this and I know you’re watching over mom and me and our cat Peaches from Heaven. You want me to be strong and not give up on life just because you aren’t here.
Dad, you were and are the best Dad.

Your gentle, loving, kind and generous heart will never be forgotten. You affected so many people. I had no idea just how many until the cards and calls started.

Mom and me haven’t been alone except to go to bed at night. Everyone cares and wants to help. They all have different memories of you. Mom and me still laugh about the time you put shredded coconut on pizza because you thought it was grated cheese and to prove a point that it was still good you ate the whole thing!

Your coworkers still talk about your Electric Slide you had to do at the work Christmas party. And apparently you wanted to liven up a wedding and decided a cartwheel was the best way to go about it. I don’t know how you managed that one. I can’t even do a cart wheel.

One of the things you always told me was not to be selfish and that you were so proud of me for all I’ve done and all I’m going to do. Difficult as it may be I will do my best. I know I can’t be selfish and stop living my life now that you’re gone, but Daddy I’m going to need your help.

Dad, you lived for others, always helping others.
I’ll do my best to carry on in your footsteps. I know you’re rewarded now for everything you did and you live with God. But, Dad you are in my heart, and you are here in spirit.

I will always love you and miss you. I know you are home now with your family. I know you’re sitting on the beach with a glass of wine smiling down on mom and I. And I know that I will see you again someday.

I love you Dad.