MCHS students striving for success


Have you noticed the fresh faces bustling around campus with backpacks stretched at the seams? Or have you seen offshoot groups of adolescents chit-chatting throughout the quad area during the noon hour?

Meet the Middle College High School students here at Delta College.

Many of these students are here taking advantage of the specialized education program by simultaneously fulfilling high school requirements while also completing college courses.

This gives them the opportunity to acquire both high school diplomas and an associates degree.

More than just a few of these students obtain not only high diplomas but multiple degrees.

“Students here are more mature than students at a typical high-schooler,” said MCHS Student President Jasmine

Ali, whose been attending since her freshman year. Now a senior, she has nearly completed her high school requirements and is expecting to receive two associates degrees along with her diploma.

The Middle College High School program on campus is a collaborative effort between Lodi Unified School District and Delta College. Its mission is “to provide a supportive, academically challenging environment for high ability underachieving youth, or youth with circumstances that would hinder their academic performance at a traditional high school.”

The MCHS program began in the fall of 2000 and sustains an approximate population of about 240 students.

Since its inception, MCHS has been able to effectively prep and equip students with abilities and skills that propel them onward in life to higher achievements.

The school is certified and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and Colleges Accrediting

Commissions for Schools. It has received recognition as a California Distinguished School in 2007 and was also named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2008.

With current enrollment issues, providing students with the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and a two-year college degree is astounding.

Essentially killing two birds with one stone and advancing onto more challenging obstacles showing other students they can determine the quality of product they are to become in their given environments.